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Quicktime End of Life Announced

Quicktime End of Life

Apple has announced it is pulling the plug on Quicktime and no more security updates will be provided. Time to uninstall!

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Online shopping security tips for the Christmas season

Cyber Grinch - Online shopping security tips - NJ SMB IT Security Experts

We can’t help you with your post-Christmas credit card bills, but we can offer some tips to help ensure all the charges are legit.

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Security tips for National Cyber Security Awareness Month

NJ Small Business Security - National Cyber Security Awareness Month

It is National Cyber Security Awareness Month and we’ve got some security tips to help small businesses protect themselves from cyber criminals.

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Reveton ransomware takes computers hostage

Reveton ransomware virus screenshot - Northern NJ Small Business Computer Security

FBI and the IC3 issue warning about a new ransomware virus, Reveton, which locks an infected PC and shows a fake message demanding the payment of a fine.

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DNSChanger Will Break the Internet

Computers infected with DNSChanger will not be able to access the Internet effective July 9, 2012. The DNS Changer Working Group has a simple test to determine of your computer is infected.

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