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IT support for victims of Hurricane Sandy

Emergency IT support for Victims of Hurricane Sandy

We are offering emergency IT support and services to victims of Hurricane Sandy at our best hourly rate until November 10, 2012. Call us at 866-753-6279.

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Hurricane Sandy Alert

Contact information and preparedness for the impending arrival of Hurricane Sandy.

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3 steps you can take to avoid a server meltdown

Server room temperature monitor - Northern NJ Small Business IT Services

It’s better to avoid a disaster than recover from one. Here are 3 steps you can take to prevent server failure due to overheating.

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3 ways to minimize the impact of an email outage

Email Continuity for SMBs - Northern NJ Small Business IT Services

When email is down, work grinds to a halt, sales are lost and your company‚Äôs reputation can be damaged. Here’s how to minimize the fallout.

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The High Cost of Small Disasters

Disaster Recovery Checklist - NJ IT Services Business Continuity

It might sound dramatic, but have you thought about how your business would cope with a disaster? Many small and medium sized business owners don’t spend enough time thinking about disaster recovery. To them, disasters are something that happen to other people. The thought of their own business running into trouble is just too scary to think about, so they hide behind the “odds” – that it’s incredibly unlikely that they’ll ever run into trouble.

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