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Network security vulnerability revealed in some small business routers

A newly found exploit in consumer grade routers brings to light one of the most overlooked areas of small business network security – firmware updates.

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Online shopping security tips for the Christmas season

Cyber Grinch - Online shopping security tips - NJ SMB IT Security Experts

We can’t help you with your post-Christmas credit card bills, but we can offer some tips to help ensure all the charges are legit.

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Windows 8 USB Recovery Drive How-To

Windows 8 Control Panel Recovery

This article will guide you through the simple process of building a Windows 8 USB Recovery Drive.

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Waiting for Windows 8 Service Pack 1?

No SP1 for Windows 8 - NJ Small Business Computer Consultant

Waiting for Service Pack 1 before deploying Windows 8? It could be a long wait as Microsoft has done away with service packs for the new operating system.

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Security tips for National Cyber Security Awareness Month

NJ Small Business Security - National Cyber Security Awareness Month

It is National Cyber Security Awareness Month and we’ve got some security tips to help small businesses protect themselves from cyber criminals.

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Windows 8 upgrade preparation

Windows 8 Desktop - NJ Small Business IT Consulting

Are you ready for a Windows 8 upgrade? If you plan to be an early adopter here are some tips to make the process go smoothly while preparing for the worst.

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Windows 8 Release Date Announced

Windows 8 release date announced - Northern NJ Small Business IT Consulting

Microsoft has announced October 26th, 2012 as the official release date for Windows 8 amid controversy that it is not ready for prime-time.

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Windows Shortcut Keys – How-To in 3 easy steps

Windows Keyboard Shortcuts - NJ Small Business IT Support

Custom Windows shortcut keys can save you time opening programs, folders or files you use frequently. Here’s how to set them up in 3 easy steps.

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3 steps you can take to avoid a server meltdown

Server room temperature monitor - Northern NJ Small Business IT Services

It’s better to avoid a disaster than recover from one. Here are 3 steps you can take to prevent server failure due to overheating.

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3 ways to minimize the impact of an email outage

Email Continuity for SMBs - Northern NJ Small Business IT Services

When email is down, work grinds to a halt, sales are lost and your company‚Äôs reputation can be damaged. Here’s how to minimize the fallout.

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