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Recovering from Hurricane Sandy

Recovering from Sandy - NJ computer support and disaster recovery

As we continue to recover from Hurricane Sandy, Plenary Technology and our vendors offer special pricing to get businesses up and running.

IT support for victims of Hurricane Sandy

Emergency IT support for Victims of Hurricane Sandy

We are offering emergency IT support and services to victims of Hurricane Sandy at our best hourly rate until November 10, 2012. Call us at 866-753-6279.

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Hurricane Sandy Alert

Contact information and preparedness for the impending arrival of Hurricane Sandy.

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Reveton ransomware takes computers hostage

Reveton ransomware virus screenshot - Northern NJ Small Business Computer Security

FBI and the IC3 issue warning about a new ransomware virus, Reveton, which locks an infected PC and shows a fake message demanding the payment of a fine.

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Microsoft installs Skype inadvertently – Here’s how to remove it

How did Skype get on my PC - NJ Small Business IT Solutions

Microsoft released an update that inadvertently installed Skype on devices that didn’t already have it. Here’s how to remove it.

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DNSChanger Will Break the Internet

Computers infected with DNSChanger will not be able to access the Internet effective July 9, 2012. The DNS Changer Working Group has a simple test to determine of your computer is infected.

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