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Mimecast chosen to replace McAfee SaaS for email protection

Mimecast Email Protection from Plenary Technology

We are pleased to announce that we have chosen Mimecast as our email protection partner. Mimecast has all the features our customers know and expect in an email protection solution and it integrates flawlessly with Office 365.

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LinkedIn password breach – time for a password refresher

How strong is your password game?

The LinkedIn password breach is still haunting us. Here’s how to strengthen your password game.

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Quicktime End of Life Announced

Quicktime End of Life

Apple has announced it is pulling the plug on Quicktime and no more security updates will be provided. Time to uninstall!

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Google says no more Chrome support for XP users

google chrome no support for xp

Chrome support for XP is ending in April 2016. If you are still using this old operating system it leaves you even more vulnerable to exploits.

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Windows 10 is the worst spyware ever produced

Windows 10 The Spyware That Loved Me

There’s a lot of chatter about Windows 10 being the first totally spyware operating system. Here’s my take.

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Intel to discontinue McAfee SaaS products

Intel is sunsetting the McAfee SaaS line of products. Here is what Plenray Technology customers can expect.

Intel has announce they will sunset the McAfee SaaS line of products beginning next January. We will be making the transition for our Email Defense and Hosted Exchange customers smooth and trouble free.

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Acrobat Reader DC – 3 ways to lock down the cloud

Lock down Acrobat Reader DC Dropbox

Acrobat Reader DC has integrated cloud features that are awesome. And you might want to turn them off. Here’s how to do it.

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Security tips, Reading the Fine Print and Windows 10 beta


Three for the price of one. How to protect yourself online with two-factor authentication. Beware the fine print. And a quick note about Windows 10.

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The Great Internet Slowdown of 2014

Internet Slowdown

A symbolic gesture meant to raise awareness about Net Neutrality and what the Internet might look like if the big ISPs get their way, the Internet Slowdown of 2014 happens September 10th. It’s important stuff. You should have a look.

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The Internet of Things is scary

Beware of The Thing

There’s no stopping it. The Internet of Things is here and will grow to 26 billion devices by 2020. That’s a lot of devices and security flaws are going to be abundant.

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