How I dropped my iPhone in the lake and lived to tell about it

Getting an iPhone wet is a sure no-no. My iPhone sat at the bottom of my lake for four days. Here’s how I brought it back to life.

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Windows Server 2003 EOL security concerns

Windows Server 2003 EOL is near

In just about a year Windows Server 2003 will be put to bed. No more updates. Here’s my best advice on what you can do to ensure you remain as secure as possible.

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Defense in Depth and Layered Security Explained

Defense in Depth and Layered Security

What is “Defense in Depth” and is it appropriate for your small business? You betcha! More than appropriate, I think it is mandatory.

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LA County chooses Office 365

Office 365 chosen by LA County - LA Confidential

Los Angeles County is moving over 100,000 users to Office 365 and you should, too.

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Is this thing on?

New website sneak peek

It’s been a while since the last blog post. I’m sorry. But not to worry, things will be back to normal shortly. Fix for Internet Explorer bug, EOL for Server 2003 R2, Net Neutrality, Roadie the automatic guitar tuner and news about our new site.

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Network security vulnerability revealed in some small business routers

A newly found exploit in consumer grade routers brings to light one of the most overlooked areas of small business network security – firmware updates.

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Online shopping security tips for the Christmas season

Cyber Grinch - Online shopping security tips - NJ SMB IT Security Experts

We can’t help you with your post-Christmas credit card bills, but we can offer some tips to help ensure all the charges are legit.

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Windows 8 USB Recovery Drive How-To

Windows 8 Control Panel Recovery

This article will guide you through the simple process of building a Windows 8 USB Recovery Drive.

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Recovering from Hurricane Sandy

Recovering from Sandy - NJ computer support and disaster recovery

As we continue to recover from Hurricane Sandy, Plenary Technology and our vendors offer special pricing to get businesses up and running.

IT support for victims of Hurricane Sandy

Emergency IT support for Victims of Hurricane Sandy

We are offering emergency IT support and services to victims of Hurricane Sandy at our best hourly rate until November 10, 2012. Call us at 866-753-6279.

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