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Did you miss me?

The first lesson in sales is never ask a question that can be answered with “no”. But I learn lessons the hard way sometimes.

I know it’s been a while since the last post and I am truly sorry. Between working on the new site (see the preview up above) and upgrading old XP machines and onboarding new customers something had to give. So this blog is to re-introduce myself and let you know that more articles are to follow. And if you have anything you want me to discuss, please feel free to leave me a comment below.

About that new site…

The new site should be operational sometime in June. It would have been sooner but I am going to be taking some time off beginning next week as I recover from rotator cuff surgery. Yup, tore it.  Tore it good. And I wish I could say it was doing something exciting or dangerous, but alas, I slipped on some ice. Not at all heroic.

But the new site… it was REALLY time for a new one. The old one was cutting edge, back in 2006. Now, honestly, it’s kind of embarrassing. It’s better than the one that preceded it which was built in the late 90s but by today’s standards it is abysmal. Please don’t judge me, the cobbler’s kids always have the worst shoes.

I promise this is the last time I will let the site go without an update, a major update, for more than a couple years. A few years. Well, no more than a decade.

Oh, and there’s going to be a new logo, too. Are you excited?

That’s great, but how about some useful information?

You betcha!

As you all know, Windows XP, Office 2003 and Exchange 2003 have all gone END OF LIFE. No more updates or fixes. But did you know that Server 2003 R2 is going EOL next July? Well, it is. So you better put that in your budget for next year.

Microsoft released a fix for Internet Explorer (all versions) last week to fix a zero day vulnerability. They even included this fix for XP operating systems. There is a short and sweet article on it here.

Oh yeah… the FCC is once again trying to ruin the internet by proposing new rules that would allow big telecom companies to charge premiums for better content delivery, effectively allowing them to determine or at least guide the success or failure of a company. There’s far more information at and a very good article at the Huffington Post if you’re interested.

And, on a lighter note (wait for the pun) have you seen “Roadie” the automatic guitar tuner? Wish I thought of this one and so will anyone else who’s ever sat around listening to someone tune their guitar for 40 minutes.

Well, that about does it for today. I feel better. Hope you do, too.

I play with computers for a living and I'm from New Jersey. Jealous?

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