Intel to discontinue McAfee SaaS products

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McAfee SaaS Email Protection and Archiving gets dumpedMcAfee SaaS is being discontinued. Here's what Plenary Technology customers can expect.

Earlier this week Intel announced that it would be pulling the plug on its McAfee SaaS line of products.  Plenary Technology is a McAfee SaaS partner and deploys this service with both our Hosted Exchange offering as well as our Email Defense Suite for customers with on-premise Exchange servers.

Please see the FAQ below for more information.


1. What has Intel Security announced regarding their McAfee SaaS security services?

Intel Security announced that they’re retiring a large number of McAfee SaaS security services, including the email protection and continuity services currently sold by Plenary Technology within our McAfee Email Defense Suite as well as our Hosted Exchange offering.


2. When did Plenary Technology learn this news?

Unfortunately, Intel Security only notified Plenary Technology two days prior to publicly announcing their decision.


3. When do these products reach end-of-life?

  • Intel Security services will remain live and reliable until January 11th, 2017
  • New McAfee accounts can continue to be provisioned until January 11th, 2016 (existing accounts can continue to provision new users beyond this date)
  • Plenary Technology is already working on a smooth transition to services that are designed to equal—if not exceed—our current McAfee SaaS offering, well before the sunset date


4. As an Plenary Technology customer, what should I do?

At this time, no action is necessary. Intel Security has pledged to keep their services live and reliable until early 2017.

In the near future, Plenary Technology will announce new products that we will seamlessly integrate into our offerings to match and likely expand upon our current McAfee SaaS solution.

We will make an announcement regarding new security services shortly.


5. What services does Plenary Technology currently deliver from Intel Security?

Plenary Technology currently offers several McAfee SaaS services from Intel Security (formerly known as McAfee) within our Email Defense Suite, including:

  •     McAfee Basic and Advanced Email Protection
  •     McAfee Data Loss Prevention
  •     McAfee Email Continuity
  •     McAfee Email Archiving

As mentioned previously, we’re currently building a shortlist of solutions that will match and expand upon the remaining functionality currently offered within our Email Defense Suite.


6. Will I see any degradation in my current service levels?

Intel Security has committed to maintaining the current service levels through the end of next year, and perhaps longer. However, Plenary Technology will identify and deploy new solutions well in advance of any sunset date.


7. Will Plenary Technology help migrate me off of Intel Security/McAfee SaaS services?



8. As an existing Plenary Technology customer using Intel Security/McAfee SaaS services, will I be able to provision new users to these services in 2016?

Intel Security/McAfee announced an End of Sale date of January 11th 2016. This means no new McAfee accounts can be provisioned after this date. However, new users to existing accounts are not impacted by this change, and can continue to be provisioned for both on-premise and hosted customers.


9. Once Plenary Technology has identified new solutions, will my bills go up? Will I lose features and functionality?

We are confident that the cost of our new services will be equal to or less than those within our McAfee Email Defense Suite. We are committed to finding an alternative solution that will match and likely expand on the features and functionalities available within McAfee Email Defense Suite.


10. I still have questions.

Feel free to contact us at (866) 753-6279. We’re happy to answer any further questions you may have.

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