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Last week a friend sent me a link to 21 Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity. I’m not one who usually clicks on these links but, for whatever reason, this time I did. When I got to the image above I paused and thought “I need to do something like that”. So I did.

If you’re a Northern NJ resident, unemployed and having computer related issues that are hindering your ability to get a job – can’t print your resume, email problems, etc. – then my company is here to help.

At no charge to you we will help you resolve computer issues that are preventing you from getting a job. We will attempt to do this over the phone or in a remote session if possible. If not, you can bring the PC or laptop to us. If hardware needs to be replaced or software needs to be purchased we will do it at cost.

I’m going to keep this blog entry short and sweet. You can read the details of the offer and fill out a support request form here or call us at 866-753-6279 x101.

All I ask is that you have a real need. Please don’t take advantage of this offer unless you really need to.

That’s it for this one.

Once again, here’s the link for FREE support.

I play with computers for a living and I'm from New Jersey. Jealous?

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