Recovering from Hurricane Sandy

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Recovering from Sandy - NJ computer support and disaster recovery

In the wake of disaster

As of this writing nearly 780,000 people in New Jersey are still without power.

The NJ coast has has been¬†devastated. The boardwalks, the rides, the homes and businesses…

Temperatures are dipping below freezing.

Gas is being rationed as if it were the 70s.

A nor’easter is heading for New Jersey and is expected to hit us on Wednesday.

There was a minor earthquake in Ringwood today.

And, sadly, there has been loss of life.

Yet we keep our chins up.

Volunteers are helping across the state. Churches, schools, businesses and individuals are opening their doors to feed and shelter those displaced by the storm. Internet access, charging stations, a place to shower are being offered. Running and bicycling clubs are taking supplies to folks who can’t travel. Those with power are inviting their neighbors to come stay with them. Donations of canned and dry goods are being accepted all over the state.

And we keep our chins up.

I have been in contact with our suppliers and have been able to get some of them to agree to discounting replacement hardware for our customers. As of right now two of our vendors are on board. Equus, a US based PC and server builder and Eaton, maker of UPSs and other power equipment have both agreed to discount their products to help in the recovery efforts.

Additionally, we announced last week that we will offer our services to customers and non-customers alike at our lowest hourly rate. We were going to end this offer Friday, but we are extending it until everyone with damage from the storm is back up and running.

***This offer has ended.

Also, hardware and software ordered thru us will be at our cost.

These offers apply only to recovery from the hurricane. Rolling out a new server, for instance, doesn’t qualify unless it’s a replacement of a server damaged during the storm. Only work performed and hardware / software replaced as a direct result of the storm will qualify for the above mentioned special offers.

If you need help recovering from the storm – or if you know someone who does – please call us at 866-753-6279.

Chins up.

I play with computers for a living and I'm from New Jersey. Jealous?

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