IT support for victims of Hurricane Sandy

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Emergency IT support for Victims of Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy – the aftermath

While there are still people without power, and many lost their homes and businesses along the shore and elsewhere in New Jersey, we are happy to report that with little fanfare all of our customers with power were up and running shortly after the storm. No data loss, no hardware failures. Only a few glitches so far that amounted to just a few hours work.

Without patting ourselves on the back too much, much of this success was due to solid planning and preparation as well as highly redundant, enterprise grade solutions. And this is the result, in large part, to the trust our customers place with us as well as their understanding and appreciation for solutions that are robust and resilient.

Up and running at 100% capacity

While all our channel partners have been at the ready to ship parts or provide additional support, we have been lucky, to this point, not to have needed them.

For our own part, we were up and running the entire time. Our phones, ticketing system, CRM, remote monitoring and support tools are all cloud based and we didn’t experience any down time.

All our important documents are mirrored to the cloud and, had we needed them, would have been available to us in the cloud.

Our email server did go offline as did our office, due to a loss of power and a generator failure, but our cloud based email continuity solution managed that brilliantly for us. Not a single email was missed.

We were able to use our cell phones as wireless hotspots and conduct business as usual from home using laptops.

Not everyone was so lucky

All in all, things went pretty well for us and our customers. We were lucky the storm didn’t cause more damage and we feel for those still dealing with the aftermath of Sandy.

As such we are extending our services to companies that are not currently our customers and from now until November 10th will convey our lowest hourly rate – normally reserved for customers on service plans – to all who need support during this trying time.

*** This offer has ended.

If you, or someone you know, is in a bind and needs technical support or services please reach out to us at 866-753-6279.

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