Hurricane Sandy Alert

Hurricane Sandy Alert


Emergency Contact Information

Plenary Technology will remain open and be available for support before, during and after the storm.
If you require assistance either in preparation for the storm or in recovery after, please contact us using one of the methods below.

Phone: 866-753-6279
Alternate email:

***Our alternate email address will only be active during the crisis and should only be used if you are unable to reach us at our primary email address. While we are well prepared for disaster recovery of our own systems, we like redundant solutions.

Plenary Technology will be here for you before, during and after the storm

Our objective has always been to protect your valuable data and systems from loss due to theft, accidents, malicious attacks and disasters.  Damage to hardware such as servers, workstations, printers and networking equipment can be cause by rain, wind/flying debris and power spikes.  We sugest you take the following precautions before and after the storm.

If you need our assistance with either phase please call us ASAP.  Demand for service will likely be very high after the storm so please let us know as early as possible if you will require our help.

  • Any equipment located on the floor (computer towers, for example) should be moved to a higher position such as a desk or cabinet.
  • Any equipment near windows should be moved to a safer location.
  • All user equipment should be turned off. PCs, printers, phones should be disconnected, scanners. etc.
  • All user UPSs should be powered off and unplugged.
  • Servers and networking equipment should be powered off. – SEE POWER DOWN PROCESS BELOW BEFORE PERFORMING THIS STEP
  • Phone systems should be shut off – contact us your phone vendor for instructions
  • A good backup should be taken
  • Backup media (tape, disk or BDR appliance) should be taken off-site

Power down process

  • Turn off all printers
  • Turn off all PCs
  • Shut down secondary servers, if applicable, then shut down your primary server
  • Turn off backup devices or power down your BDR appliance
  • Turn off all switches
  • Turn off router and firewall
  • Unplug all power strips
  • Turn off all UPSs and unplug
  • Unplug all telephones
  • Turn off phone system
  • Optionally, cover all equipment with plastic – rolls are available at big box home stores

Power up process

Be sure to wait for the power company to tell you power has been fully restored before powering up any equipment.  Lights on doesn’t mean they are done working.

  • Plug in and turn on all power strips and UPSs
  • Turn on router and firewall
  • Turn on switches
  • Turn on phone system
  • Turn on main server, then any secondary servers
  • Plug in phones
  • Plug in and power on desktops
  • Plug in and power on backup devices
  • Plug in and power on printer and other devices

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