Month: June 2012

Microsoft installs Skype inadvertently – Here’s how to remove it

How did Skype get on my PC - NJ Small Business IT Solutions

Microsoft released an update that inadvertently installed Skype on devices that didn’t already have it. Here’s how to remove it.

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Giving back – Free Support for Job Seekers

FREE Drycleaning

Out of work and having computer problems that are hindering your search for employment? Plenary Technology is offering free support.

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Windows XP and Office 2003 support to end – what you need to know

Windows XP Office 2003 End of Support - NJ Software Support Specialists

Microsoft is closing the book on XP and Office 2003. Here’s what you need to know in order to prepare.

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3 Lessons the LinkedIn Password Leak Taught Us

LinkedIn eHarmony hacked - NJ Small Business Security Consultants

Whether or not your password was leaked by LinkedIn, eHarmony or recently there are important lessons to be learned.

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What is IT as a Service?

IT delivered like a utility - IT as a Service for Northern NJ Small Businesses

ITaaS is a way of delivering technology much the same way as a utility company delivers power.

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How to track and recover a lost or stolen laptop or smartphone… for FREE

FREE software lets you track and recover lost or stolen laptops and smartphones - NJ Computer Security

Easily track your laptop, phone or tablet when stolen or missing. Open source software that gives you full and remote control, 24/7 for FREE!

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Global Financial & Remarketing Services, LLC Announces Rental Program Partnership with Plenary Technology, LLC

Plenary Technology’s ITAdvantage program allows NJ Small Businesses to procure hardware, software, services and support for a monthly, bundled fee.

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