Month: May 2012

Software updates are a pain – here’s the cure

Software Updates - Small Business Computer Support Norther New Jersey

Everyone knows you have to keep your software updated. Yet we keep putting it off. It’s a chore and takes too much time. Well not any more.

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Do multiple monitors really increase user productivity?

Multiple monitors increase productivity - Small Business Technology Experts NJ

There is a debate going on about the productivity increases, or the lack thereof, multiple monitors bring to the workplace. Here’s my take.

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How to print from your iPad or iPhone

AirPrint - Northern NJ Computer Service

Many customers have asked me about printing from their iPhone or iPad. It’s easy. This short article explains how to do it.

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Solid State Drives – The Best Upgrade Ever?

Solid State Drive from Intel - Computer Repair Northern NJ

As long as I have been in this business I have never seen anything speed up a dog of a machine like an SSD. Defragging your hard drive, adding memory, uninstalling toolbars and other unneeded junk all do an okay job, but none holds a candle to the drastic difference in speed an SSD can make.

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The High Cost of Small Disasters

Disaster Recovery Checklist - NJ IT Services Business Continuity

It might sound dramatic, but have you thought about how your business would cope with a disaster? Many small and medium sized business owners don’t spend enough time thinking about disaster recovery. To them, disasters are something that happen to other people. The thought of their own business running into trouble is just too scary to think about, so they hide behind the “odds” – that it’s incredibly unlikely that they’ll ever run into trouble.

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